tirsdag den 21. januar 2014

Darling Dior - beware of a picture heavy post

So a bunch of my fellow blogger friends and I are having a huge love affair with Dior polishes at the moment and we decided to do a collaboration post on it to share our love with the Nail Polish Community.

At first I was going to do some nail art but I'm doing a lot of that these days so I felt like clearing the palate and just show you this polish as it is!

It is the most prized Dior polish I own and perhaps it is even the most prized in my entire collection - which is rather large so that is actually saying a lot...

It is also a really HTF (hard to find) polish and I've wanted it ever since I saw swatches of it over at All Lacquered Up back in the day. I finally found it pre owned last year and paid less than retail for it :O

I give you Dior Mélisse aka Lemon Balm!!!

This polish is so beautiful but unbelievably hard to actually capture in photos - it is a polish that is so much more beautiful in real life. There is a plum or maybe purple gleam to the coppery-taupe-brown like colour that really sets it apart - and that shimmer...

I wasn't let down by the formula or application either. Perfect self levelling attributes and a one coater, though I did two thin coats here. Easy to work with and as much as I love the flat paddle brush in my newer Diors, the older brush is REALLY fantastic to work with.

It really is an outstanding polish...

I hope you liked the look of this polish as much as I love wearing it. And do take a look at what Diors the rest of the girls have chosen, I know you'll enjoy it ;)