fredag den 10. januar 2014

Fancy Friday #37: Waterfall Mani

Friday again and that means another fancy one :D. I must confess I've never tried this look before though they've been all over the nail community after Sammy from the Nailasaurus made a tutorial on it. And I can relate to why. This is probably one of THE easiest nail art techniques to master and you get an outstanding look on your nails.

Remember this is my first, and it has its faults but that being said with some practice this could look spectacular. And that is before I have even begun to think of different colour combinations. So a total win here!

For this look I used last week's FF mani as base and used three Sinful Colors polishes and one Sea Lore Polish.

Sinful Colors Under 18:

Sinful Colors Fig:

Sinful Colors Rich in Heart:

Sea Lore Arctic Otter:

This is definitely not my last waterfall mani, I really love that the possibilities are almost endless with this look!!

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Fælles Fredag er i dag med vandfaldstema. Det er min første waterfall mani og jeg kan med det samme afsløre at det bestemt ikke er sidste gang jeg lufter det her look. Det er simpelt, men ligner en halv million!!! Helt klart den nemmeste nail art teknik, jeg er stødt på i lang tid.