torsdag den 16. januar 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #2: Stripes

I have quite an extensive High End Brand collection and I thought it would be good to use some of them for these challenges since I seem to only wear them once and then they live a forlorn life in their Helmer Drawers.

This week I decided to pull out two of my Chanel polishes that I haven't worn in three years or something like that - and they really need to be showed off more often they really are lovely.

I chose Blue Satin and Nouvelle Vague, and I really think they look gorgeous together:

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) I love your stripes, don't own any Chanel polishes, these are so pretty and should definitely be worn more often! Btw- I'm a twin mummy too :) my boys are now 5 and a half!!

  2. love the colour combination. Your stripes look great, and two chanels in 1 mani, its like chanel heaven :D

  3. They do look gorgeous together indeed!