tirsdag den 8. januar 2013

Happy New Year

We're a week into the new year and I have been enjoying some time with the family. We celebrated New Year's Eve with the girls who were ecstatic about the whole concept so we had decorations, confetti, crackers, table bombs, festive drinks and the traditional home made Marzipan Ring Cake, done as a snake.

They wanted a dragon but I got stomped trying to figure out how to make proper wings, so we compromised and did a snake instead - but I'd definitely do it next year :D

I never got around to do my nails because of all the decorating and cooking going on so I had nekkid nails though I had a lot of ideas of what to do. Fireworks, glitter bombs, silver chrome, 2013...

This has lead me to do some thinking and evaluating of the past year. When it started I had zero to none followers, never done any nail art, the only indie brand I owned was Lynnderella, knew practically no other nail bloggers and I'd never made a Marzipan Ring Cake before.

Today I have more followers than I ever thought I'd get (thank you), done quite a bit of nail art (though I still haven't finished my 52 week challenge, at least not posting wise), I own quite a lot of indie polishes and plan on acquiring more in the coming year, I have gotten to know so many awesome ladies this past year - and can now say I bake a mean Marzipan Ring Cake, though technically it's a snake rather than a ring.

So what's to come for me in 2013?

Mostly I'd love to do a refurbishing of my little corner of the nail blogging world so watch out for a new look during the next couple of months. And then I would hope to get even more posting done. I was going to join the Crumpet 31 day challenge here in January but who was I trying to kid? I haven't even finished my 52 week challenge yet for God's sake!! So I will be looking around for some new challenges throughout the year.

On my facebook page I was talking about doing Untried Sunday to get through the polishes I still haven't worn and the more I've thought about it the more I am liking that idea. So starting from next Sunday that little challenge will be set in motion.

And to set myself an overall goal for 2013 I have decided to aim for 120 posts for the coming year. Hopefully it will be many more but this number seem attainable to me and that is what is important I think.

So I hope to see more of you in the new year and to get you a little bit excited about that Untried Sunday, here is a preview of the polish you'll see this coming Sunday:

4 kommentarer:

  1. What a cute kransekage-slange :)
    And gasp, that blue, don't quite know if I can wait until Sunday to know what it is - soooo pretty...

    1. Yes, isn't it? *teasing Maria to no end* I look forward to show you, it is quite extraordinary!

      And the kransekageslange tasted yummi - one part was with chocolate marzipan inside, one with red berry marzipan and one with nougat :D

  2. It looks as if that snake gave birth to a very green little kransekagesnakebaby, hahaha!!!
    I'm looking forward to all the new changes, and hey, it's been great getting to know you! :)

    1. *Looks incredulously at Shiny* Hey, that's the head!!! *Realises her creative baking skills leaves a lot to be desired*