søndag den 13. januar 2013

Untried Sunday: Elevation Alphubel

As hinted this tuesday I will start the year out with a new feature called Untried Sunday. In order to try to get through my giant stash of untrieds, Untried Sunday will take over last years 52 Week Challenge - which we all know went Pete Tong the moment we hit November :D.

I have pictures taken for most of the challenges but never got time to write about them. They will eventually get posted when I get the time and will be featured on my 52 Week Challenge Tab where you can see the progress of my rather feeble nail art skills.

But to get back to those untrieds...

To continue on the back of the former post, Ama Dablam started my love affair with Elevation Polish. It has fast become one of my favourite indie brands and in November and December my collection of Elevation Polishes increased nine fold!! The polish I am going to show you today is from the first of my orders and is called Alphubel.

A lovely baby blue with a gorgeous shimmer:

This applied very well for a pastel colour. I could have gotten away with one medium layer but I thought it looked better with two thinner coats.

I had a hard time capturing the gorgeous shimmer in my light tent so I went to the bathroom to get a proper picture of it, which in return gave me lobster hands :D

It was working with this polish that made me realise how awesome this brand is. I am a glitter ho so no wonder I loved Ama Dablam, but it is my humble opinion that the moment you can get a shimmer or creme in this quality with an indie seller you can't go wrong when purchasing polishes. So I have to say I look forward to spend more money on this brand in the coming year.

Unfortunately I hadn't realised the settings on my camera had somehow changed (I think one of the girls might have hit a button one of the days they went photo ballistic), so the image resolution on these pictures along side most of the pictures in December is not very high, but I hope you got a proper feeling of this gorgeous polish.

8 kommentarer:

  1. just love the color and the brand :)

  2. It's a gorgeous shade - so much on my to-buy-list :)

  3. I think it's so funny that we're chasing the light to get proper pictures at the moment :) That colour looks good on you!! :)

    1. Must be the darkness here in Denmark :D - and thank you!

  4. Don't worry... I can TOTALLY see the gorgeousness of this polish, I'm love! *.* Kisses


    1. Why thank you so much, Christina. I'm in love too :D