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Doctor Who?

I am a huge Doctor Who fan - I remember back when I was a kid when DR, the Danish national tv station (yes we had monopoly on television in Denmark until 1989) ran the series with Tom Baker as the Doctor...scary stuff indeed when you are hardly 10!!!

Fast forward more than three decades and my hubby and I rather coincidentally stumble across the new series in 2006 - I am a huge fan of Christopher Eccleston already - and we get totally sucked in to the awesomeness of the story telling and the chemistry between The Doctor and his new Companion. Today six seasons later a lot has happened and the series has reached an epic following across the world. David Tennant is still sadly missed in this household, he more than took the role and filled the shoes after the enigmatic (in my view) performance of Christopher Eccleston. I still need to get used to Matt Smith, but he is definitely growing on me, his youth and bubbly persona ticks some of the right buttons.

And the Companions - oh the Companions...Rose is my true love, Billie Piper brought some lovely innocense that the Doctor was in much need of, Martha never caught me like Rose, but within her story arch she worked so well - and I totally miss Donna, that was a genius stunt Russell T. Davies pulled with her!! I am still on the fence with Amelia - but Rory really got to me.

And what may be the point of all this fan girl gushing? Well I am not the only Polish Blogger with a Doctor Who crush :D - so some of us decided we wanted to celebrate the return of the Doctor to our television screen, which premiered saturday, September 1. And here is my tribute to this amazing series:

Cult Nails has a navy blue polish, that was released as part of the Superpowers collection last fall, and though Maria Morrison had no clue about Doctor Who, she named it Time Traveller when someone told her that colour was the exact same colour of the Tardis - too cool and of course I had to use it as my base colour.

This baby is a one coater if you concentrate and make an effort, but I was a little shaky during application, so I did two coats.

Since it has been established on several occasions that I suck mucho at free hand nail art, I once more decided to do decals which I think turned out okay. I drew the Tardis and the Weeping Angel on a small zip lock bag and traced it afterwards.

 And no Doctor Who mani without The Doctor's Arch Nemesis: The Dalek. Here just manifested in gray dots with golden-yellow centers.

 The Weeping Angels are still some of the creepiest and scary antagonists of the Doctor Who universe, they scare the s*** out of me, and I watch horror movies for crying out loud!!!

Close Up of Tardis...annoying that my top coat dragged the design even though it was totally dry before I applied it to my nail.

Wow, this was a winded post - hopefully you are still hanging in there ;)

Just for the fun of it you should go visit my blogger friends, they all have AWESOME nail art and polishes to show you.

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