onsdag den 9. november 2011

Wow....and some nail mail

Well, colour me surprised. Earlier today I shared a link to this blog over at The TraceFacePhiles Facebook page. And now I got followers - that is totally awesome. Thank you for stopping by, hope you tag along and keep an eye on me every once in a while.

And speaking of The TraceFacePhiles...A few days ago I purchased some goodies from Traci's blog sale - yes that girl ships internationally - and yesterday they arrived. Take a look here:

I love the fact that the bubble wrap is red and that she uses tape with skull and crossbones on!!

This is what was inside these little cuties:

butterLondon - Tart With a Heart, Hard Candy - Zombie(this is not the original purple/blue glitter, they took an existing colour and renamed it Zombie - but the name escapes me), Georgia Brown - Cotton Candy, Georgia Brown - SB Blue
I planned on taking some close ups of the individual polishes when my camera started acting up, so I only got pictures of:

I really am looking forward to try this on - been wanting it since I saw the first promo pictures  

This is my first Hard Candy polish, and it looks pretty neat I think
I can highly recommend shopping at Traci's. She is wonderful, have awesome polishes and make up for sale, super friendly and very customer oriented! You can take a look at her goodies here or just stop by her amazing blog: The TraceFacePhiles