onsdag den 9. november 2011

Nail of the Day - Monochromatic

A couple of weeks ago I saw Nubar's Black and White Polka Dot at BeautyBay.com - and knew I had to own those. Unusual for me I actually have found time to try  a new polish a couple of days after purchase, so with no further adieu, here they are:

and the other hand:

Black base is Chanel Black Satin, one coat with one coat of White Polka Dot and white base is nails Inc. Floral St., one coat with two coats of Black Polka Dot.

Both Dots were quite thick, and a bit tiresome to work with. Besides that I had to pick up black hex glitter from the bottle and place them in order to get more than one on each nail - but I really like it anyway. And for the White Polka Dot: It ain't any kind of white but gold and silver, not that I complain, I think it looks wonderful! They do come off a bit chunky so you'll need a thick top coat in order for them to look really good. For me the one that really works is nails Inc. Caviar 45 second Top Coat. Works wonders every single time!

Some might declare fail on these, but I am glad I got them - wearing this makes me quite happy.

So did you purchase them or couldn't you care less? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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  1. Thank you, sweetheart. You really should get these if haven't already ;)