mandag den 28. november 2011

Cult Nails Nail Mail

Woohoo, this just came with my mail man:

Some Cult Nails Polishes, me thinks.

It's the Super Powers Collection! I love those burritos.

And some base and top coat - and Vicious :)

And here they are, in all their unpacked glory: Vicious, Get it On(base coat), Wicked Fast(top coat)

Clairvoyant (Unicorn Puke twin), Mind Control, Power Thief, Time Traveller

I am going to swatch them later today and will post it shortly after. Time Traveller shows huge promise in the bottle - whoever told Maria Morrison, that it should be called that, is a genius - it is a dead on dupe of the Tardis' navy blue colour. I love me some Dr. Who on my fingers, haha.