tirsdag den 15. november 2011

My first jelly sandwich...

And so another week has passed - life with twins can really make time fly - so it is time for an update :).

I have seen jelly sandwiches on almost all the blogs I read so I think it is time to show you my first try. A month or so ago i purchased Fowl Play and Androgynie and the instant I had Androgynie in my hands I new I had to do a Jelly sandwich with my Nfu Oh jelly syrup 34. The bottle colour of JS 34 shows a dark hunters green but because of its extreme jelly-ness it is a perfect shade to give serious depth to Adrogynie. Take a look yourself:

Clickety-click for a better view :)

I really like the green hue and think it actually make it even more awesome.

Go on and click ;)

All in all I am pretty satisfied with this first try, it is definately something I will try again.