mandag den 7. november 2011

Giveaway Galore what it is, over at the TraceFacePhiles. Believe it or not, that girl is having giveaways with every new 1oo followers - which is ALL kinds of awesome. Prepare yourself for picture and link spam:

First up is her 1800 followers giveaway and the chance to win the entire OPI Muppets collection:

You can join in the fun HERE

And this is what you can get at 2000, out of all this, there will be SEVEN winners:

I would really like either of them, you can check all the prizes out by following this LINK

2100 followers inspired here to give away these little beauties:

There can be only two winner this TIME

And finally there is this:

For us international followers, there is an eeeeetsy-beeeeeeeetsy chance to get our hands at some Julep POLISHES

I am soooo stoked about this, though the chances of winning are sort of slim, they're better than the national lottery, haha.