søndag den 5. oktober 2014

Fancy Friday #72: Reverse Stamping

Oooooohh I'm excited about this challenge. Up until now I've actually done this without realising I did reverse stamping, since I have made quite a lot of stamping decals.

This time around I wanted to try the technique where you do the colouring on the stamper and then do a direct transfer to the nail.

I did not succeed in any way :D. I didn't have time to do it all over again so what you get is my work-in-progress.

I actually started with my middle finger...and progressed to the ring finger. Certainly not an improvement!! I think I was too impatient, the polish seemed too wet which can explain the squashed pattern.

And the image turned out to be too small for my thumb :(

So when all else fails? FAIRY DUST ALL THE THINGS!!!

Det der reverse stamping? Det er jeg ikke så god til...endnu! Jeg har besluttet mig for at det skal prøves af igen, for det var rigtig sjovt at lave.