søndag den 5. oktober 2014

52 Week Pick 'n' Mix: Two Colour Teal Gradient.

Welcome all to the new Nail Art Challenge here on the blog. As a member of Crumpet's Nail Tarts on Facebook I've signed up for this awesome new challenge that will replace Golden Oldie Thursday. It incorporates both of the previous challenges the Nail Tarts have done: TriPolish Tuesday and Golden Oldie Thursday.

There will be two prompts each week which you can choose to combine in one post or you can do both in two separate posts - or just choose one. There will always be a colour prompt, which you can choose if you want to use a golden oldie polish. Furthermore we will be able to post any day in the week that suits us.

This week the two prompts are:
  • Two Colour Gradient
  • Teal

I have chosen to combine the two and make a two colour teal gradient using Cult Nails polishes - both of which have been in my collection for a considerable amount of time.

The baby blue shimmer polish is Manipulative:

And the teal glass fleck polish is Let Me Fly:

I decided to try a new-to-me type of gradient which is called scaled gradient. Since my nail beds are small it was really difficult for me to get a proper scaling going but somehow it is actually visible on most nails.

I've run out of NailVinyls so I had to use tape and hot damn I'd forgotten how much a biotch it can be to center the bloody pieces!!! Oh btw Glisten and Glow top coat shrinks Cult Nails polishes.

And I couldn't leave it well enough alone :D - I had to stamp it as well. I used Kiko Mirror Metallics 625 Grass Green, though funnily enough it leans blue here - go figure...

I used Messy Mansion plate MM44 which is the most gorgeous lace plate!

I really look forward to sharing my manis with you guys - and remember to take a look at this wonderful assortment of teal manis and gradients.