torsdag den 14. august 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #32: On White Base

As soon as I saw Ms. Osborne in this dress I knew I wanted to do some nail art inspired by it - and then I realised that one of the August GOT challenge manis were going to be On a White Base...

Here is what I came up with - using nails inc. floral street as undies for Sealore Polish Beluga Blizzard. I free handed the time glass shape on my middle and ring finger and then taped the lower part. Then I put some black polish on a makeup sponge and just dapped away gently.

I cut out some triangular shapes that I taped on my little finger and dapped with a sponge applied with black polish.

On my index I used the "other" side of the triangular shapes I cut out, so my entire nail was covered with tape, except for the triangles - and dapped some black nail polish there as well ;)

Lastly I made a sort of yinyang swirl - it sort of seemed appropriate...

Hope you enjoyed these - I had a blast making them ;).