søndag den 24. august 2014

Fancy Friday #65: Girly

I got up-to-date with my GOT manis so now it is time for my Fancy Friday manis. The first of those that got left behind during my summer vacation was the Girly challenge.

This was as girly as I could get it - a three-colour gradient with stamping and TWO pinks :O.

I used China Glaze Purple Panic as stamping colour and as yo can see it worked fairly okay. I used my MoyouLondon Sailor 04 plate.

The second pink is from Peita's Polish called Pink Blitz. It is from the One Year anniversary What's In-Die Box. Lovely pink holographic, I really like it.

Elevation Polish Matsuda...I have no words for this, it is really stunning - and that is coming from the girl that really doesn't like red. Or pinks. Totally out of my comfort zone here!!

The gray one is Bound to Fall from Dandy Nails. Beautiful polish with blue micro flakes in it. So gorgeous and I need to wear this on it's own soon!

I have to confess I was really out of my comfort zone here but I am actually quite happy with the result. And I might even wear pink and red more often :O.