søndag den 31. marts 2013

Untried Sunday

It's been a while since I showed you my untrieds so this week I'm going to show you two in one :D

As you know Dandy Nails is one of my favourite indie brands - in my top three actually - and this polish really is the epitome of a marvellous glitter bomb.

What you may not know is that my favourite high end brand is Dior. I have yet to come across one that is not nail polish perfection - and this is no exception.

Behold Dior Gris Perle topped with Dandy Nails Like Disco Lemonade:

I love the tapered flat paddle brush in the new Dior bottles though the brush in this one is the broad normal one.  It is of really high quality and very easy to work with, and the polish itself is really opaque, I put on two thin layers for this mani.

Like Disco Lemonade is an awesome glitter bomb in a clear base and it has so much going on. Green and orange micro glitters, black squares, holographic hexes, all making this polish unique in my collection. I've got more complicated glitter bombs than this but the combination in it is outstanding.

As usual it was a polish that was easy to work with, I didn't have to use the dabble method to get good coverage from one layer - actually I don't have to dabble any of my Dandy Nails glitter bombs which is one of the reasons why this brand is in my indie top three.

And here are a couple of close-up's of the two beauties:

I think this combo is awesome and lends something great to both polishes. What do you think?

If you want to know what's on my ring finger you can tune in next sunday for another Untried Sunday manicure.

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    1. Thank you :) - you've got some great manis yourself.