søndag den 24. marts 2013

Ninja Polish Enigma Collection: Ambrosia

So last week I showed you Divinity, one of the Enigma collection polishes from Ninja Polish. For some strange reason I also bought the other polish that was released together with Divinity, Ambrosia. Why is it a strange reason, you ask? Well if you've followed me for some time you know I'm not a fan of red polishes - and this one is most definitely red.

Orange leaning red, but red none the less. Seeing a few swatches of this somehow made me want it, and want it real bad I did.

The shimmer in it is gorgeous and gives it that fiery look I simply cannot resist these days.

Application was a breeze. The polish was wonderful to work with, no consistency issues, gave full coverage in two layers and dried very fast.

Love, love, love this - and remember: I am NOT a red girl!!!

If you haven't bought any of the Enigma polishes I urge you to go to the Ninjas and try one of them out, they are totally gorgeous - right now Ambrosia is the only one in stock.