søndag den 3. marts 2013

Franken Feature 5: Superficially Colorful Daring

Today I'm gonna show you all the last of the colour changing polishes Jin from Superficially Colorful gifted me back in January. This little beauty is called Daring and I am totally in love with it...

This one changes from orange to yellow and is also filled with glass fleck shimmer!!! It is wonderful and gorgeous and even though my skin tone don't go particularly well with either colour, I'm lucky that I am the type that really DON'T CARE.

 Wearing these kinds of polishes makes you keep a constant eye on your nails just to see in which stage of changing they are in - such a fun past time :D

I LURVE that  glass fleck  shimmer in Jin's colour changers, as you know I'm a glass fleck kinda girl so all of these have so much win in them it's almost ridiculous!

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  1. Thank you so so so so so much for your wonderful pictures and sweet words on my little babies ♥
    Naturally, this one is my personal favorite... I'm an orange kinda girl, so this one always looks the best to me :-)
    I am so glad you like them all!!! Thank you again! It's such a pleasure to gift such things to someone who can appreciate them!!!