torsdag den 14. marts 2013

Ninja Polish Enigma Collection: Divinity

Here is something extremely beautiful to feast your eyes on:

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on two of the polishes in this collection and they are just...WOW. And they are one of the reasons for me not being here. It has taken absolutely an infinity to choose between the 80!!! pictures I've taken of the two polishes - and then to crop and finish them for publication here...Gah!!! But finally they are ready for your viewing pleasure.

First up is Divinity, a tribute to the much elusive Unicorn Pee polish aka Clarins 230. But unlike 230 which is known to need A LOT of layers to achieve full coverage you'll get it with only two layers of Divinity. Lo and behold the gorgeousness:

The polish was VERY easy to work with, but did dry semi matte so I topped it with a layer of nails inc. kensington caviar top coat.

I don't own Clarins 230 so a comparison is out of the question (still kicking myself for not buying it three years ago when I found it on evilbay for 30 $).

 The colour shift in this is amazing and these pictures aren't showing you half of the epicness of this polish. That's how hard it is to photograph.

 I decided to make a couple of close-ups, and apologies for the slight unfocused pictures, but even photographing and editing fails will be shared here ;)

What do you think of Divinity?

You can buy the Enigma Collection at Ninja Polish - and you should - but at the moment Divinity is sold out.

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  1. Svar
    1. Yeah, I still haven't revived from the shock of the gorgeousness!!! There will be some stamping coming up tomorrow if you'd like to see it again ;)