lørdag den 30. marts 2013

Stamping Saturday

I recently started on a new polish adventure - I have started stamping. I was fascinated by it when I first got back into nail polish in 2009 but it wasn't until I purchased some Essence and Dashica plates last year that I gave it a try - and what horrible tries they were, two of them are featured in my 52 Week Challenge, you can see them here and here. And today I totally blame the stamper that came with the Essence plate. Which was absolutely useless. See, I also bought an XL stamper when I did my plate shopping at Dashica - and for some unexplainable reason I didn't use it.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to give stamping another chance after I'd been told how big a difference the XL stamper makes. And I have to say it really does make a difference, the images transfers more clearly and it is just easier to handle than a regular stamper.

Well onto my first stamping experience since those fatal stamps last year.

I wanted my two Enigma colours to last a little longer so they got stamped with some beautiful Dashica designs.
Here is delightful Ambrosia:

This design is large so I've only got a very small part of it stamped on my nail. And that is the great thing about Dashica's XL plates, they have a mix of big and small designs, so whether your nails are small or large you'll get something to match their size. This plate is Dashica XL Spd 35.

I used Essence Stamp Me Silver!! for this stamp

And on to the awesome Divinity:

 This design is from the Dashica XL SdP plate 32

I stamped with BarryM Watermelon Gelly - the Gellies are great for stamping!

 I've got tiny nails, so as you can see some designs just doesn't fit - but I do them anyway when they are as pretty as this.

I am so gonna continue stamping, it is really great for us nail art challenged polish fans :D

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  1. Looks great! The XL stamper is just such a big help, it's brilliant!

    1. Thank you, sweetie!!! Yeah, I would never have taken up stamping again if it hadn't been for you raving about how good it was to work with :D.