fredag den 24. februar 2012

Time seem to slip away

and I am late with my challenge post - and this ain't it either. My nails are killing me these days, a flaky, peely mess is what they are and Mommy ain't too happy about it.

For this I have ordered some Trind products at an online beauty store that ships to Denmark, hopefully they will get here sometime next week. But that means I will have a two week rest from the challenge posts, but I do have a lot of pictures floating around so I will do some posting during this nail polish hiatus.

And to cheer myself and you guys up, I will show you something nice:

For this look I used Cult Nails Let Me Fly (light teal glass fleck) and Awakening (Dark Teal Creme), both an absolute dream to work with. Applied like butter and levelled out perfectly. Both were two coaters, but Awakening start off a little jelly-ish, so don't get discouraged if you are afraid it will be too sheer. Trust me, it won't :)

I really like doing accent nails and opposing hands, it is a look that I think is fun and cheeky - and it gets me through more of my stash than I would otherwise, since I don't change my polish daily.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Århhh den er virkelig flot!!


  2. Ja, jeg er helt vild med Cult Nails neglelak, var ved at besvime idag da jeg så et par af deres fremtidige kollektioner. Og deres top- og baselak er helt fantastisk gode.