onsdag den 1. februar 2012

Lynnderella Attitude Adjust-mint

I have a little minty gem to show you, one that I have fallen totally in love with: Lynnderella's Attitude Adjust-mint, a lovely pale mint coloured polish filled with shimmer, glitter and happiness.

After seeing swatches on her own blog, I thought I would try to swatch it with some different pastel to medium green colours, just to see how different it would look.

I have used the following colours:

Thumb: No base colour
Index: Revlon Minty
Middle: nails inc Hyde Gate Park
Ring: Jordana Mint Candy
Little: Essie Greenport

One coat base colour, two coats Attitude Adjust-mint.

All pictures here are taken in indirect sunlight:

Pardon my dry cuticles - winter is at full throttle here in Denmark, and my hands suffer dearly.

I had an accident two seconds after applying polish on my thumb, but didn't realise it until too late.

Ooops, had an encounter with a film can earlier, so my index suffered a minor chip.

And clean up obviously wasn't my first priority after applying :D
As with many of Lynnderella polishes it takes some practice before you get the hang of applying them properly. The formula was on the thick side and because of the glitter density it takes patience and good application skills. Though I have been doing my nails for quite some time now, I still find I lack in those departments - but then it is good for me I have some more to practice with.