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Challenge Weeks 8 and 9: Corset and Vintage mani - picture heavy

I finally got my transfer cables for my dslr - which means I can finally get these up and running.

I was excited to see I was supposed to do a corset mani - I love corsets and think they can look absolute stunning. So I searched a bit to find some great tutorials and found nihrida's tutorial that makes this a very easy nail art challenge to master:

I did it at little bit different though, since I wanted it to be a bit more colourful. The colours I used were

Milani Totally Cool
a-england Camelot
Essence Stamp Me!! Silver

I made some mistakes but I still liked how it turned out:

I decided to do four lace holes which is not to be recommended when you have rather short nails

The crosses tend to get cramped together and do not look like crosses AT ALL

The one that looks like a Southern Whore has gotten her sh**faced punter to do her up

Though a very dark pic it actually captures the purple shimmery goodness of the Milani polish

These were taken on one of the first sunny days in a long time here in Denmark - and still it was hard to catch the right purple shade, it comes off slightly more blue than in person.

Now on to the Vintage Mani of Week 8 - and I am certain I was not the only one that had to do a google search for this particular nail style :D.

Basically, back in...back in olden days (I love me some Eddie Izzard!!) nail polish was a luxury commodity and if you owned it you were more than likely going to try to get it to last a very long time. In order to do that it was not uncommon to leave the tips and moons bare. And since red was the name of the game your nails would have looked something like this:

Courtesy of Brook Owens

And here is a short tutorial by Super Kawaii Mama:


And now on to my Vitage Mani. Since I don't have really opaque moons and my nails are peeling like there is no tomorrow, I decided to do a slight variation on the theme and came up with something I have been really happy about.

Recently I got Josie from Glitter, Glam, Sparkle, Shine to pick up a Lucky Dip from nails inc. (you pay a ridiculously low amount of greenies, they pick your polish colours) for me and I decided to take two of them for a spin.

Two colours that I usually won't fall for, but these two are beautiful - montrose place is a blue toned pink that flashes blue clearly in sunshine and flash light, and the awesome gold foil that is westminster abbey

This looks coral but you will soon see this is an in-your-face pink shade

And now to the nails - please marvel at the pink-blue gorgeousness that is montrose place:

And it is even more awesome in person!!!

I actually did this in free hand, Yay me!! If you have read my ealier posts you will know I suck monkeys balls when it comes to anything where I have to apply my free hand skills - but this was actually quite easy to work with, I blame it on the polish which was nothing but perfection regarding application and opacity.

Well this is it from me for now, hopefully I will get back on track with the blogging.

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  1. "The one that looks like a Southern Whore has gotten her sh**faced punter to do her up" - this made me spit out my tea and burst out laughing! :) I love the mani, it's super vampy, and I never knew they left their tips and moons bare!

    1. Thank you so much, and I am happy I made you laugh :D.