mandag den 30. januar 2012

Challenge Week 5: Newspaper mani

I was going to post this  yesterday, but as the last in the family, I am now sick as h***. Luckily I did these nails saturday before it got really bad.

This week's challenge was relatively easy to get done. I had seen different tutorials around the net that does this differently, but most of them involve alcohol. I chose to dip my fingers in alcohol and the press the cutout piece of newspaper on my wet finger, as shown in this tutorial by Cutepolish:

I opted for a slightly more colourful polish than straight up gray, since I thought it would be a little cuter to look at. Further more I chose clippings from a paper commercial which is in colour, just to see if it was possible to transfer other than just basic print.

As base colour I chose a-englands Guinevere, a lovely pale grayed out lilac:

And here is the result:

Here you can really see the different print on my thumb - it was a red circle with yellow text.

I think I will do coloured prints again, that was a big succes I think.

This was a very fun one, though I couldn't get a really solid print on any of the nails except my thumb.
What do you think of newspaper manis? I think I like them - a lot!

4 kommentarer:

  1. I really like them! You did a great job.

  2. I really like them, great base color. Your turned out so well.

    1. Yeah, I really like Guinevere A LOT, think this is the a-england colour I've worn the most. And thank you :)