mandag den 13. juli 2020

Nail Art Challenge #1 - When Colours Collide: Purple and Yellow

I have been member of a Facebook nail art group for years that is called When Colours Collide. Each fortnight they publish a colour combination and you then have two weeks to come up with a nail art mani with that specific colour scheme. You then upload your picture to the group album, they create a collage and on the date provided all participants share on social media.

As I said I have been part of that group for years, probably since its very beginning but for some odd reason I have never participated in any of the challenges. Recently I have felt an urge to get back in to nail art so when I saw the challenge for June 22nd which was purple and yellow I decided to jump right in.

I used pipe dream polish harlequin as my purple base and Girly Bits Silly Daffodilly - a lovely pastel yellow stamping polish. The stamping plate I used is Creative Shop 14.

Interestingly, the pastel yellow stamping polish turned out egg yolk yellow after I top coated the mani. My theory is that when the polish got wet again the pigment in harlequin mixed with Silly Daffodilly and made it look totally different.

Lastly, here is the collage that the moderators in the group made with all the manis from the participants: