mandag den 4. februar 2013

Untried Sunday on a Monday: Ninja Polish Zultanite

So I've been in a blogging funk here - I polish and take photos but when it comes to the write-ups I seem to find my self at a stand-still. Which you might have noticed has resulted in me not getting those sunday untrieds up here.

Then I thought I'd just post some photos of this beauty without that many words so I at least can keep up with my goal for this year: 120 posts before 31st of December :D

I proudly present: Ninja Polish Zultanite, a gorgeous colour changing polish with colour changing glitter in it, just to make it even more awesome.

 It needs layering, here it is on top of a-england Camelot.

Application was a breeze and only one layer is needed for this effect.

This polish is unlike anything else I own!!

The underlying colour scheme is very much alike Color Changing Garnet, but there are some slight differences:

Totally gorgeous polishes both of them, if you are into duochromes/multichromes you definitely need them both.

Neither of the polishes are in stock at NinjaPolish right now but be sure to sign up for their restocking notices here and go grab one when the opportunity arises, they really are need-to-have polishes!!

6 kommentarer:

  1. So glad I have this one already! WHEW! ♥

  2. I love both of them and still need to try CCG!!!! Great photos!

    1. Well, you'd better get it out and show it some love!! It NEEDS you!!! :*

  3. Whoa, they really *are* special!! I'm impressed :)

  4. It's gorgeous and very interesting!