torsdag den 7. juni 2012

Challenge Weeks 22 & 23: Splatter Mani and Constitution Mani

So once again a combined challenge post, this time week 22 and  23.

First off: The splatter is EPIC FAIL if ever I saw one. Mostly due to the fact that I didn't have any thin straws, so I cut a piece out of a thick straw, rolled it up and taped it together. That is NOT the best way to go if you want actual splatter and not just big globs of polish randomly dripped on your nails. When I finally got some splatter it was not on my nails but on the paper that I used to protect the table with.

Colours used:
Base: Color Club Take Me to Your Chateau
Splatter: Color Club Pure Energy, China Glaze Custom Kicks and Carribean Blue.

As you can see not much splat is going on here...

it's mostly globs.

 The 23rd week challenge is once again one I tweaked from the original Challenge list as mentioned here - so this is a specific Danish manicure. In Denmark we don't have a specific national day but June 5th is probably the day that comes closest to one. It is our Constitution Day where we celebrate the transition from Absolutism to Constitutional Monarchy in 1849.

In the 17th century Absolutism was introduced and the early steps to change it were taken during the reign of King Christian 7th(1766-1808). He was possibly schizofrenic and most government issues were handled by a Chancellery since he showed no interest in government issues. During King Christian's travels in 1768 he acquired a new physician, Johann Friedrich Struensee, who was a man truly influenced by the ideas of the Age of Reason. He became a close friend of the King and eventually rose to Government where he as de facto regent reformed the laws that kept peasants in tight serf, as well as many other laws that kept the people in check.

But it was not to last and he eventually was couped  and executed. And it took nearly 80 years before his work finally bore fruit. On june 5th 1849 King Frederik 7th finally signed our first democratic Constitution. And in order to celebrate this I made this my Challenge Week 23 mani, a sponge gradient using the colours of the Danish flag - red and white:

We've had some crappy weather the past week but luckily the sun chose to shine when I took these pics, hooray for that :D

Colours used:
nails inc. Floral St.
Leighton Denny Indulgence
Cult Nails Iconic (old version) on the tips

 Hope you liked these, I sure liked making them ;)