fredag den 25. juli 2014

Fancy Friday #64: Cloud Mani

When you google: Cloud nail art, you will most likely find pictures and tutorials for the type of mani that I have done in this post - but this week's FF challenge was actually free to interpretation...perhaps I should have done something else for this mani is at best very basic...

Oooohhh, Bubbles!!

My middle finger suffered a break before we went camping in week 28 - luckily I was able to tame it for almost two weeks. These were done last week and it wasn't until Sunday I removed this mani and then cut my nails down. The bumpy lump on my middle finger nail is where that particular break was...

Essie Mojito Madness, nails inc. hyde park gate and Sinful Colors Dream On made for a quite interesting combination.

Though I did get compliments for it I am not very happy with this mani, but I do know that it will be recreated together with my Hubbie's grand niece - she will be joining us here in Sweden tomorrow and we have decided she needs to try this (she still doesn't know) ;)

Fælles Fredag er i denne uge Cloud mani. Ved en hurtig google søgning finder man min type mani vældig godt repræsenteret - der har dog været fri fortolkning, hvilket i også vil kunne se hos nogle af de andre bloggere :)