fredag den 4. juli 2014

Fancy Friday #62: Neon

Summer is finally  here!! As I write this the sun is shining brightly even though it is past seven in the evening. I love that we have summer evenings where the sun doesn't set until nine.

And how appropriate that the theme is neon, then. Sadly I didn't get to take pictures of my mani in the sun, but I played a little with my lighting setup and ended up with something that resembles sunlight.

Limestone      Pic de Sottlo    Dream On                  Orange       Banana      Glow Worm

 Of course I dinged my nail just before I took this photo :O

In indirect light it is really hard to see all the neon gorgeousness.

Tadaaaaaaaa -  NEON...or what?

Initially I thought the leopard spots were a fail but I wanted to try out my new brushes a bit more and actually found them easier to work with the second time around, but as "leopard spot applier" it wasn't as good as a dotting tool.

 And actually, when you look at my nails from afar they look leopardy enough ;)

Udfordringen er neon i denne uge. Jeg havde lyst til at bruge en række af mine neon lakker så jeg tænkte at en leopardmani nok ville være at foretrække. Og de ser virkelig fede ud på afstand - så ligegyldig med at jeg umiddelbart syntes det var FAIL på højt plan...