fredag den 13. september 2013

Fancy Friday #20: Accent Nail

Today's Fancy Friday is very short and to the point!

It started out like this:

 Then I thought of the stamping plate I'd received from NinjaPolish the day before:

And then I did this:

How could I not? You know I love Dr Who...

Btw, I used two polishes from Sealore Polish that are from her, now retired, winter collection 2012 - Wintry Whale and Beluga Blizzard. They were ridiculously easy to apply, two coats of each to get this kind of opacity is a winner in my book!!

For stamping purposes I used a white stamping polish for the Adipose and RBL Dead Calm for the TARDIS. So in love with this!!

Så blev det Fælles Fredag #20 som er accent negl. Jeg har valgt to lakker fra Sealore Polish vinterkollektion 2012: Beluga Blizzard og Wintry Whale. Kom så i tanke om min nye stempelplade som kom fra Ninjaerne i forgårs, og så gik der altså lidt Dr Who i den. Behøver jeg at nævne at jeg elsker Dr Who? ;)