søndag den 8. september 2013

Fancy Friday #19: Reverse Gradient

Another friday has come and gone and I am a bit late but that isn't keeping me from posting it ;)

Today is Reverse - or Reciprocal -  Gradient, a type of nail art I really enjoy making. I'm getting good at it but I can get A LOT better yet :D. Technically what you do is make a gradient, then you tape it and then you gradient again but this time you reverse the colours.

The colours I chose were all from The Nail Junkie's spring polishes: The Pastel Mattes, a collection that originally didn't have the green and the blue I'm using - but Aleta likes to expand her core collections with new colours and the Spring Mattes were the first to acquire new siblings :)

But I digress - you guys are here for the polishes, right?

This is so delicate, almost too delicate for my tastes - but never the less I love it!!

The Nail Junkie Green Goddess:

The Nail Junkie BlueBonnet:

The Nail Junkie Violet:

I think the last two pics are slightly more colour correct than the rest of the pics.

The Nail Junkie polishes can be purchased through her Etsy store or at Norway Nails if you'd like to try them out.

Fredagens Fælles Fredag bliver så i dag, og denne gang er udfordringen Reverse Gradient. Basalt set laver du en gradient, laver et tapemønster og så gentager du din gradient bare med farverne omvendt. Jeg er ret vild med denne type nail art og er ved at være ret habil til den - eller det bilder jeg da mig selv ind ;).