mandag den 2. september 2013

Fancy Friday #18: Purple is Purfect

So everything has been crazy busy in my life, as per usual and that also means I had the mani ready and done but didn't get time to write up this post. But it is not of lack of trying. See I've got this new phone that takes decent pictures and I got Blogger on it - so I've been trying to get it done that way. But since I can't set it in html mode it is no good for my FF post since I need html access for them.

So what I'm doing right now is write up this post on the computer and adding the phone pics from here. Hopefully the pics will be satisfying enough for you :D

I wanted to try out a skittlette mani, I'm quite fascinated by how much you can fill in before it tips the scales. For this I used FeverLacquer Violent Sweet on my thumb and pinkie, Illamasqua Poke with Illamasqua Babtiste lines drawn with a nail art brush, and Kiko 331 striped with GOSH Misty Mauve and fan brushed Girly Bits Daddy's Little Girl on top of that.

I'm quite happy with this - and I love purple so this challenge was awesome for me ;)

Hopefully you guys liked it as well - there are more to come, I think.

Forsinket igen som vanligt men i skal ikke snydes alligevel :D Lilla er Lovely og det kan jeg da lige skrive under på, elsker simpelthen den farve i alle dens afskygninger. Har læst en del om skittlette manier her på det sidste, flere af dem jeg kender eksperimenterer med dem og de ser for fede ud - og vupti skulle der da lige laves sådan en. Er selv ret godt tilfreds ;)