fredag den 19. juli 2013

Fancy Friday #12: Summer Mani/Pedi

Summer has really decided to join us here in Denmark - sun is shining and temperature is rising. So it is very fitting that this week's FF mani is a summer mani.

I've been trying to do fan brush nail art a couple of times, but couldn't get the hang of it until one of my lacquer friends informed me that it would be a good idea to wet the brush a bit to get proper brush separation :D

So with this in mind and this video in front of me I got started.

I have been looking at my Nail Junkie Green Apple for some time now wanting to use it for nail art, it is a lovely neon green shimmer jelly that dries with a satiny finish. The colour is really hard to capture and I have been totally unable to represent the Greenness of this polish - in my bottle pictures it comes off too yellow. And I couldn't even colour correct it in my photo editing programme :O

I also wanted something sunny and something water like, so I chose Catrice Twist of Lemonand China Glaze Custom Kicks to get that feeling:

Awesome yellow golden shimmer

I used Apple as base layer and then I fan brushed Custom Kicks first. I was afraid Twist of Lemon would "drown" if I'd started with it so that ended up as the second polish. I only did one "layer" of each in order not to cover up Apple.

Oh and somehow those hearts just begged to be part of this ;) I made them with Cult Nails Annalicious

I've felt like going on holiday for the past week just because of these nails...

Luckily my summer holiday starts today ;)

Fælles Fredag er i dag en sommer mani/pedi. Jeg er lidt vild med de neon jellies jeg har fra The Nail Junkie - især den grønne Apple. Jeg tænkte den ville være perfekt som grundlag for noget viftepensel sjov. Jeg er blevet i rigtig sommerhumør af at have den på i denne uge - og heldigvis starter min ferie i dag :D