onsdag den 10. juli 2013

Essence Gold Fever, Make it Golden and Gold Fever Comparison

Time for my second comparison post - I actually have a lot of polishes in my stash that would be fun to compare, so for this I decided to look at these lovely glitter polishes.

A couple of weeks ago my wonderful hubby went to Berlin and when he came back he'd brought back a couple of Essence polishes. One of them was called Gold Fever and my initial thought was, hey I have that one from before they revamped the bottle. But then I looked closer at the bottles and then I realised something was a bit off.

You can see here why:

Left: The Gold Fever I already own. Middle: The Gold Fever my hubby bought for me. Right: Make it Golden

As the more perceptive reader may have realised it looks more like the bottle on the right than the bottle on the left. So is it a new version of Make it Golden, since that one got discontinued when they revamped the bottles?

Now take a look at this:

Pinky: New Gold Fever. Ring: Old Gold Fever. Middle: New Gold Fever. Index: MiG

As you can see there is definitely the same red and golden microglitter in the new GF but it also has different sized golden hex glitter in it as well - just like Make it Golden. So no, they aren't dupes at all but the new Gold Fever is a mix of the two old, discontinued colours. Do I like it? Yes I do. Do I prefer it to the other two? Not really, there are oodles of different manis in these three polishes together, which is a total bonus.

What I don't like is when polish companies discontinue a colour, change the overall look of it and give it the same name as before. It creates unnecessary confusion. Just look at the OPI MPJ debacle - really not worth anybody's while!!!

Oh by the way: the blue polish is Southwark from nails inc. ;)