mandag den 2. juli 2012

Oh Canada

I'm doing another blog collaboration post, this time in celebration of Canada Day on July 1. Well, here it no longer is July 1, but I was caught on the motorway with a flat tire last night and we weren't home until way past midnight, and I was too tired to post it then.

So here it is now :)

As last time we were supposed to show some of our Canadian polishes but unfortunately I don't own any canadian polishes so these here are German and British :D.

I am really hooked on doing decals these days and doing the Scandinavian flags the other week was the reason I did it with the Canadian flag as well. And may I say: Epic fail on that maple leaf, haha. At least I remembered to give my nails a base colour.

For the rest: I was inspired by some Danish nailaholics who posted some brilliant photos of fishtail braid manis in a group I belong to but I had no idea that it would take this long to make it - it took me two hours!! But I am really happy with this.

But on to the pictures:

My top coat dragged the polish - argh!

Major fail on that maple leaf ;)

I used the following polishes:

Red: Essence Fame Fatale
White: nails inc. floral st.
Silver: nails inc. montpellier square

I will have some long missed challenge posts up later today.

And you can check out my wonderful partners in crime by following these links:

9 kommentarer:

  1. Oh wow, this is great!! your braids turned out amazing! I am dying to give them a try but I doubt I can really pull it half as pretty as yours!!

    1. You should, it is well worth the while!!

  2. It's a lovely result, and dragging - well is a drag LOL

  3. Love this!! I keep wanting to try this style, but haven't!

  4. LOVE IT!!! Looks great!! I love the design on your fingers and your thumb leaf looks better than anything I could do :)