onsdag den 4. juli 2012

Challenge Week 27: Floral Mani

Bwahahahaha, I am spamming today :D - finally catching up on my challenges with this post. Unlike the rest of the challenge girls this won't be a July 4th mani (though I do have something related to this day that I will post later) since I tweeked the list to do my Freedom Mani.

So Floral Mani it is. I did a youtube search to get some inspiration and stumbled over this beautiful design:

I sure as heck haven't gotten anywhere near this but it is my first free hand flower nail art, and I am quite pleased with it:

I used acrylic paint for the flowers as in the video - I gather it is easier to work with colours that don't dry out too quickly :D

The base colour is Orly Green Apple, a polish I got through a swap with sweet Heidi from Se Min Kjole... Go check her blog out, it is  fun and she's got great swatches. It is in Danish but that shouldn't deter you from taking a closer look ;)

3 kommentarer:

  1. It's very sweet, I love the colors, and it's a very good first-time result, I look forward to seeing more :)

  2. De er virkelig flotte!!! Jeg må altså snart prøve den teknik :-)