mandag den 25. juni 2012

Challenge Week 24: Flag Manicure

Argh, I am sooooo behind with my challenges. I have been not-at-all-funny busy for a couple of weeks which now has reached a point where I haven't even had time to do my nails these past seven days - nekkid nails galore, I tell you...

I still haven't done week 25 yet, so I gather I'll do a Rainbow Mani, remove it and then do the Neon Mani and then posting them together later.

But onto the challenge mentioned in the title...

I have become quite a fan of home made decals because I don't seem to suck so much at nail art if I have a bit more work space than my nails can accomodate. And since flags on nails takes quite some time and I really don't have much of it I decided to do decals. And as a Scandinavian I really couldn't deny myself the fun that would be had if I could do the five Scandinavian flags.

From thumb to pinkie: Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland:

I really regret not using a base colour, I think they look slightly unfinished this way. But I really like the way the flags themselves turned out - though they ended up a bit on the thick side due to the number of layers I ended up with.

Colours used for this manicure:
White: nails inc. floral st. (I'm running low!! Maybe the first polish I will end up using all of)
Red: Leighton Denny Indulgence
Blue: Leighton Denny Captivated
Yellow: Maybelline Urban Lemon

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