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Lynnderella Mysterious Ways - picture heavy!!!

This is just a very short blog post, I just received my back order from my Lynnderella wish list, but since I haven't had time to swatch thme I thought I'd post pictures of a polish I was lucky to get in late December. Lynnderella's Mysterious Ways is a love very pale greyed-out lilac glittertastic polish. The base colour of it is rather sheer so it is good for layering as well.

For this I chose Zoya Caitlin as underwear and it looks absolutely stunning I think. I did this mani in early March and was so lucky the day was sunny which doesn't often happen that time of year here in Denmark.

Application was very easy for a Lynnderella, I didn't have to place the glitters, which you often have to with the more heavy packed glitter polishes she makes. Zoya Caitlin was a dream to work with, I don't think I have a Zoya that is  problematic - they are very opaque and levels out perfectly.

But on to the pictures:

There is so much going on in that polish, it is amazing. There are black squares, holografic hex, silver hex, bar glitter, holo flakes, micro glitter and a lot of other gorgeous things :D

Lynnderellas can be purchased through a wish list system that Leah Ann LaRowe (the only retailer of these gorgeous polishes) has set up through her web shop. They retail for 15 $ with reasonable shipping, and she does international shipping as well. At the moment she is finishing the last of the first rotation and will soon take new wish list orders. Make sure to sign up for emails, she will announce all specificities in a future mail list email. It takes some time to get them, but in the future she will also randomly put some of them for sale on the site but beware that will be a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of sale ;)

Do you have any Lynnderella's? Or do you think they are totally overrated?

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  1. This is a very pretty combination! I'm sure it was really distracting lol