lørdag den 28. april 2012

Challenge Week 16 & 17: Dotticure Mani and Earth Day Mani (Extremely Pic heavy)

I have been a bit tardy with my challenges, at least with posting about them, hehe. So here they are:

I did my dotticure mani with Sinful Colors Cast Away Collection that I won in a giveaway over at Munia's Nails last month. April is a wonderful person whom I also got to do a swap with.

It is a gorgeous collection and the cremes are one coaters if you apply them with care. I totally fell in love with Neptune (this should have been named Poseidon, Neptune is the Roman God *shakes fist at Sinful Colors*), no wonder: it is blue and glass flecked :D

Neptune with Athens, Olympia and Be happy dots

Pinky: Pandora. Ring: Grecian Sun. Middle: Zeus. Index: Greek Isles. Dots like on Neptune.

Here you can almost see the pink shimmer in Zeus. 

Greek Isles and Grecian Sun are wonderful cremes that glide on like melted butter.

I had some problems with Pandora but that turned out to be because of a faulty brush.

They all applied great, and though you could get away with one coat of the cremes...

...I chose to do two just because ;)

When looking at these pictures again I do think Grecian Sun might almost be BarryM Blueberry Ice Cream's twin sister...

For my Earth Day manicure I really couldn't get excited enough to do some nail art, instead I chose to wear a colour I have had since October but have never worn despite it's obvious gorgeousness. Colour wise it fits nicely into the earth theme - ladies and gentlemen I give you the awesome holo beauty that is Nubar Reclaim:

Look at this, it is amazeballs with awesomesauce on top!!!!

It is an amazing holographic polish but the weather in Denmark was crappy that day...

...so I had to take them indoors under artificial light...

...and I had to accept that the best lighting was in the bathroom...

Unfortunately that particular light gives me amazingly ugly...


But the polish is still awesome :D

 So there you go, another two weeks worth of challenges. See you soon.