fredag den 23. marts 2012

Hunger Games Nail Art

The nail community seem to be flooded with Hunger Games themed blog posts today and no wonder: There are US nationwide midnight showings of the movie tonight.

But as a special treat, the Danish distributor got permission to show it at a red carpet event last night and I was lucky enough to get tickets for it. Naturally I had to do a mani that matched, since I am such a big fan of the books also.

As previously noted nail art and me don't always play well together, but the further I get into my 52 week challenge the more I seem to grasp free hand and other techniques. And I am happy to report that this came out rather fine.

Since I don't have any of the China Glaze Capitol Colours yet, I went on the prowl in my collection. I naturally wanted to do some Katniss, the Girl on Fire inspired nail art and I decided to try a couple of different techniques.

The colours I chose were:
Base: Cult Nail Living Water
Flames: YSL Surreal Yellow, Milani Orange Burst, China Glaze Phat Santa
Letters: nails inc. westminster abbey

I did a google search on flame mani tutorials and thought I would try a needle marble since all the videos I found made flames look awesome done that way.

I am a big fan of Cute Polish's youtube channel, so I decided to head over there to get some inspiration, and just because of her video I also did her version:

And now on to my nails:

I almost ruined the middle finger flames because my layers were too thick. Instead of an hour, they needed an entire night to dry properly :D

During the needle marble the flames on my index and little fingers didn't look as if they'd turn out good, but as soon as they got a got layer of top coat they looked really cool.

I have purposefully used Gale's nick name for Katniss here to signify the importance he has, though not so prominent in the first installment of the movie trilogy.

So did you do a Hunger Games mani? What theme did you use? Or couldn't you care less? Feel free to comment, I love hearing from you!