lørdag den 24. marts 2012

Challenge Week 12: Skittle Mani

I have done skittle manis for longer than I have known them as such. Back in the '90s I had a thing for blues and greens, and still have. As a student I couldn't afford much else than the really cheap no names, but the wonderful thing about them was they came in all the colours of the rainbow. I think I had 10 or 20 polishes in varying nuances of blue and green and I LOVED doing my nails with one colour on each finger. And trust me, back then everybody I knew thought 10 polishes in the same colour range was crazy (won't even begin to consider what they would think about my collection now :D)

These days I only do five different colours and I still LOVE doing it!!! I tend to do colour gradings or colours-that-look-great-together when I do them, so I had great fun doing this one.

It seemed spring decided to take a short trip to Denmark so we have had quite good weather this week and I certainly didn't have any problems chosing my colours.

I bought a great amount of BarryM's last spring, but haven't used them all yet, amongst the untrieds are two Ice Cream colours that are soooo yummi to look at. Unfortunately Berry Ice Cream were sold out back then so the ones I had to use for this mani were:

Blueberry Ice Cream
Lemon Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream
Mint Green
- and as a rather nice substitute for Berry Ice Cream I chose OPI's Done Out in Deco, which I think is fairly close in colour.

I have had some staining issues with a BarryM colour (yes I am looking at you Spring Green!!!) so I poured on base coat (in this particular instance Cult Nails Get it On) just in case...

Considering these were all pastels they are remarkably easy to work with. These are all two coats, and even the yellow leveled out at second coat. I can highly recommend getting yourselves some BarryM's, they are VERY affordable, and at only 2.99 £ it is hard NOT to buy them!!

But surely you must be here for some picture spam, so sit tight and enjoy:

I am a huge sucker for colours like these, and think pastels look rather lovely on me. I wanted to eat my fingers all the time, 'cause they reminded me of candy :D