mandag den 9. januar 2012

Challenge Week 2: French Tip Nails

So, I am NOT a fan of the French Manicure. I think I have seen too many done nails where it screams fake nails, done badly to ever really be won over. But the concept of using two accentuating or opposing colours and use them in a French Mani...see that is something I think is great. So with that in mind I knew exactly which colours to choose.

I bought Yves Saint Laurent Manicure Couture No. 1: Belle de Jour at a sale in Magasin (something similar to Harvey Nicholls and Selfridges) in spring, and I have worn it once - and what a shame, 'cause those colours are quite beautiful - a clean turquoise and a  true purple, leaning a teensy bit to the blue side.

And I am sad to say they both were agonisingly hard to photograph correctly, both colours are way too blue, so beside my massive free hand fail, the colours aren't too good either.

*Note to self: Always use nail guides when doing french tip manis*

I also need to say something about the brushes in these. Normally I adore YSL polish, because of opacity, formula, ease of application. But these brushes - argh. They made them slightly angular in order to make free hand application easy. NOT so much I tell you when they cut them with so little precision. I had different lenghts on both brushes, but not in an angle!! And the hairs dragged through the polish which is quite visible in the pictures. So one really need to practice with these, which one hasn't!!!

Well off the soap box and on to the pictures - that is what you are here for :D

Artificial light, slightly yellow. As you can see, more blue than turquoise. The purple looks almost like this.

Artificial light, cooler in tone. And the other hand.

So that was the second week, I am actually keeping up :)
Btw, my Week one post will be edited during this week, where you can see all the lovelies I used for that bling-tastic manicure...

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love this color combo! :)

  2. I love the colors together (and yes, it is HORRIBLE to try to free-hand french tips. It takes tons of patience...and nail polish remover...and cotton pads.)

  3. Fun! Love the accent nail!

  4. Thanks Kaki. I am pretty stoked myself about that idea.