onsdag den 23. maj 2018

Fancy Friday #92: Valentines Day

This is a very old post that somehow never got released from my draft section and as far as I can see I have another couple of posts I never got out flying - so here is #finallyoutofdraft post:

Trying to play catch-up and have a lot of posts to cover so they will be less wordy than what is normal for me.

As the title suggest this was my Valentine's mani. Since Valentine's Day is a relatively new phenomenon here in Denmark I don't "celebrate" it, but do manis for challenges because they usually take me a bit out of my comfort zone - and I've always appreciated when that happens :D.

I used Darling Diva's two Valentine's Day Duos that were released in 2014 and were gifted to me by Carrie Lynn, the owner, in a secret Galentine's Swap I did last year.

One duo is pink based with a crelly called Love of My Life and a glitter topper called That New Love Feel, the other duo is black based with a charcoal jelly holo called Hide and Go Eff Yourself and a glitter topper called Batshit Crazy Ex.