fredag den 26. december 2014

Fancy Friday #85: Favourite Design of 2014

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and got most of what you wanted ;) - any nail related gifts beneath your tree this year?

This will be the last Fancy Friday post before the year is ending - this is the last in 2014 - the next will be on January 2nd 2015 :D.

So for this year's final FF post I am posting my favourite designs this year - and I have chosen 9 of my Fancy Friday manis that I liked the most. They all represent ideas that came out almost exactly like I envisioned them when I thought them up - which makes me super proud of them!!!

If you'd like to read more about the individual mani, here are the links:
Dry Brush
Around the World
Ice Cream
Negative Space

I will see if I can find the time to post my other Fancy Friday Christmas Nails - but that is still up in the air - I am super busy the next four days.

If we don't see each other before: Have a wonderful New Year!!!

And remember to look at the other FF bloggers favourite designs.

Glædelig jul allesammen!!!!
Det her er det sidste Fælles Fredag indlæg i 2014 - næste gang er d. 2. januar 2015 :D. Emnet er yndlingsdesign i 2014, og jeg har valgt 9 af mine FF manier. En ting har de til fælles: Ideen jeg havde i hovedet er næsten 100 % det som ramte mine negle - og det gør mig vildt stolt  over de her designs!!!

Husk også lige at kigge med hos de andre skønne Fælles Fredag bloggere.