onsdag den 26. februar 2014

Fancy Friday #43: Stripes

Have you ever had an idea for a mani or some nail art that in theory just seemed totally amazing? Well I have on several occasions and some of them are just as marvellous as intended.

And then there are those manis that just don't translate well to the nail in the end. This is one of those.

These four bottles stood on my table the night I did this challenge and I tell you - in real life they looked spectacular together. It turns out they don't translate as well in photos:

Pic du Gar                      Matsuda                            Sarychev                      Streetside, NYC

I tried them on as a skittle and then made alternated stripes. It turned out they all failed miserably - and then I chose the less miserable combination and did as a full mani.

Streetside, NYC as base colour and stripes with the rest.

Hopefully I will soon be able to do a mani that is not so full of fail as the past couple have been.

Remember to check out the rest of the girls, I promise they won't have as much fail as me ;)

Tja, det her er så en af de challenges hvor ideen virker bedre i teorien end i praksis. De her fire farver så virkelig fantastiske ud ved siden af hinanden og jeg besluttede at lave en skittle mani med striber af de andre farver. Det fungerede mildt sagt slet ikke. Valgte den mindst triste og malede så alle fem fingre i den kombination. Tænker jeg da snart må kunne få gang i noget uden så meget fail i :D

Husk at smutte forbi de andre piger for at checke deres striber ;)