lørdag den 15. februar 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #6: Valentines Day

So here I am, a girl who does NOT celebrate Valentine's Day doing not one but two challenges with a Valentine theme :).

In Denmark it is a commercially instituted custom that has no foundation in anything Danish, but has been tried established by florists as early as 1950's. It wasn't until the late 1990's though that the custom took off with eager participation from florists, chocolate makers and the general Commerce.

In my very personal view this could be considered the most Cultural Imperialistic AngloSaxon (since it is as much British as American ;) ) piece of Boohaha ever tried implemented here :D. Yes, it beats Halloween by several million miles in my view :).

Personally I celebrate the love for my husband and kids by being supportive, loving, and showing my affection through random acts of love and kindness throughout the year.

But on to the polish it is why you came here, right?

I am so very fond of Skittlettes that I've chosen it as the basis for this mani as well. I chose two lovely Dandy Nails shades for this: Flamingo Kisses and Bound to Fall.

For the glitter accents I dug in to my small Collection of Red Dog Designs (man, I need more of those - soooooo much awesomeness!!!) and picked out Let's Fall in Love.

The stamping plate is VividLacquer 001 and I used Leighton Denny Indulgence, a fantastic blue leaning red that is a one coater (stains like a boss, though) and perfect for stamping.

I am really not into girly types of polishes like Flamingo Kisses but it is very delicate and that glass fleck like shimmer is a type that I go all crazy about - and this is no exception.

There are heart shaped glitter in Let's Fall in Love but I totally forgot to let the bottle sit upside down for a couple of minutes. But I still love how it looks.

I overlayed the hearts but as you can see the last did not survive the rolling :D

 I hope those of you that celebrates Valentine's have had a wonderful day ;)