mandag den 25. februar 2013

Franken Feature 3: Superficially Colourful Impulse

In January I received a ridiculously awesome RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) from some of my lacquer friends, one of whom is the lovely Jin who runs Superficially Colourful. Besides two polishes I have been wanting for quite some time she also sent me three colour changing polishes she made herself that are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. I will be show casing all three here and first up is Impulse, a dark green polish that changes to a neon lime green.

The pigment Jin has used reacts on heat so your tips will be dark and your nail bed will be light.

I was truly lucky the day I wore this. The sun was shining which happens rarely here during winter, so I didn't need my light tent :D

She has also packed it with a beautiful glass fleck like shimmer - and you know I'm a sucker for glass flecks!!

 Look at that shimmer - gorgeous I tell you!!!

I really like this shot, it makes me relive how much I looked at my fingers when I wore it :D.

Thank you so much, Jin for this awesome gift - I love, love, love it.
And for the rest of you: Make sure to keep an eye on the blog for the other two!!

8 kommentarer:

  1. I am so so so very happy that you like!!! :-D
    Thank you for this amazing post and your hands look gorgeous! ❤

    1. You are so very welcome!!! And thank YOU for making such a beauty, and for your kind words, sweetie ;)

  2. That is a cool polish i must say!!
    Nice friend you got there :)

    1. Hmm, some of these answers haven't been sent to me - oh well, now I'm here ;)
      And yes she is a VERY nice friend and makes really awesome frankens :)

  3. Svar
    1. I can definitely relate to that ;) - I love it so much I am thinking of wearing it again this week.