onsdag den 21. november 2012

Pretty & Polished Holiday Collection, part two

So life got in the way of blogging as it is wont to do but that seem to happen to me a lot. Never the less I still have the rest of my picks from the Pretty & Polished Holiday Collection to show you.

First up is a wonderful layering glitter which very appropriately is called Love Always, Candy Cain. It is a red/white glitter filled with hexes in different sizes and hearts in both colours!!!

This is two coats over a-england Camelot. I didn't have to fish for the bigger glitters but I had to place them, they have a tendency to act a little shy when it comes to getting on the nails ;) But all in all this applied very nicely for this sort of glitter.

Drying time was good and I put on a generous layer of Gelous and then a coat of Dior fast dry top coat. The larger hexes tend to stick out a little bit on my nails since I have curvy nails but they don't stick out enough to tear anything.

Next up is Everybody Loves Penguin, a milky white base with matte golden glitter and black hexes in different sizes. I didn't love it initially when I saw photos of it but boy in person this one stands out!! There is not one thing about this one I don't like - well that is besides application. This one needs concentration when you apply it otherwise the glitter will only stick to the tip of your nails.

Dry time was as with LLCC good and this also got a coat of Gelous because of the large hex glitter.

And now to my final pick, also the one I was most excited about when I saw the initial photos: Xmas Wreath. Actually I was so excited that I ended up buying a full bottle. This polish has a shimmering green base filled with emerald green flakes and shreds, holo gold micro glitter and red hexes. This polish is pure christmas in a bottle! It really do remind me of advent wreaths -  and to me the lighting of the first candle symbolises that NOW it's Christmas time :D.

This one looks its best if you build it up with three thin layers, that way you'll get a good spread on the different glitters and a depth to it that is really amazing.

Xmas Wreath dries quicker than the rest of this collection. But beware, this baby is a top coat devourer. You'll need a generous amount of Gelous, and you may even want to do two coats of that before you apply your favourite top coat

Look how beautiful it is...

All in all I love this collection - each polish has something I am excited about, which is a win for me :D.

You can purchase The Holiday Collection at the Pretty&Polished etsy shop, she ships internationally, too. Remember to give P&P a follow on Facebook and keep a tab on the P&P blog to learn all about new colours, collections and LE polishes.

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  1. I'm not fond of the very huge glitters, but it does look kind of cool here :)

  2. I'm not fond of the very huge glitters, but it does look kind of cool here :)