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Pretty & Polished Holiday Collection, part one - Happy Holodays Duo

December is getting close and this of course mean Holiday Collections galore. I am proud to present my first ever review post and I am thrilled that it is for Pretty & Polished, an Indie brand I have been in love with since I saw it for the first time in the beginning of January.

My first ever polish purchase on Etsy was at Chelsea's and I've been hooked on her polishes ever since. I always look forward to see what brilliant combinations she comes up with when she releases new colours or collections.

And 'tis the season to be jolly so in this post I'll take a look at two of her christmas colours. Out of the seven she has released I have five to show you, the other three will be in a post later this week.

First up is this lovely duo called Happy Holodays consisting of Ruby, a red linear holographic polish and Glitter Topper, a gorgeous red&green glitter meant for layering.

As many of you may know, red is not a favourite colour of mine. But Ruby's jewel tone is totally gorgeous and I couldn't help looking at it all the time. The holographic particles are subtle in it and though I love myself some holo this is actually quite fitting for Ruby.

The wonderful thing about this colour is you can build it's intensity. First layer is a lovely clear read but you get this wonderful deep jewel red tone as you apply second and third layer. The formula is nice and isn't gloopy but application can be tricky, I kept dragging the polish so I let it dry for 15 minutes between second and third layer. Drying time was average.

 Happy Holodays Glitter Topper is shown here on top of Ruby and I think it looks awesome, these really suit each other and no wonder they are sold as a duo. This is two coats of the Glitter Topper.

Indirect lighting

The formula on this was very nice, with only minor gloopiness - no need for thinner. I had to use the dab method on the first layer to get this result since I thought the glitter I got on my brush was on the sparse side, but hey that is merely because I love A LOT of glitter. Dry time was average with this as well.

With flash

Red glitter, green glitter, red holo glitter, green holo glitter - it is an AWESOME topper.

With flash, without thumb

I finished it off with a thick layer of Gelous and Dior Top Coat and it was perfectly smooth.

And of course you need to see it on top of other christmassy colours:

Silver: a-england Excalibur
Gold: YSL Manicure Couture Duo Belle de Nuit
Blue: Color Club Cold Metal
Green: China Glaze Jolly Holly

You can shop Pretty & Polished HERE and she offers international shipping so head on over and buy all the pretties. You can also follow her blog or follow her on Facebook to get news and watch all the gorgeous swatches of her wonderful creations.

Be sure to check the blog later this week where I will be featuring these three shades: Everybody Loves Penguin, Love Always, Candy Cain and Xmas Wreath. Something to look forward to, eh?

Disclaimer: These polishes were purchased by me for review purposes.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I love red and green and I love holos and glitters. So this looks like a total win for me!
    It's very, very pretty.
    I'm not crazy about 5 layers of "average drying time", but that's probably just me being way too impatient :D
    Great review - thanks!! :)

    1. Haha, well it is good to get this kind of response - because what is average for you? For me it is 3-4 minutes and for a mani this beautiful it will be TOTALLY worth your while, Shiny ;)!!!

    2. And since you're a better painter than me, yours will be out of this WORLD!!!