torsdag den 1. november 2012

Ninja Polish Color Changing Garnet

As you saw in my spider web mani I am the very proud owner of Ninja Polish Color Changing Garnet, a gorgeous multi chrome polish filled with gorgeous micro glitter. It is part of Ninjapolish's Facets collection which also consists of Zultanite and Alexandrite

I decided to layer it over a-england Lancelot, I thought the reddish tint in this black polish would be very appropriate for it.

The polish is very easy to work with and applies evenly and has great coverage when you layer it, I used one coat for the result you see here.

The colour shift in it is out of this world, it shifts through dark red, gold and green though I wasn't able to get all that amazingness into my pictures, the green hue kept eluding me though you can see it in the bottle and on the nail in sunlight - oh and the glitter is chromatic as well:

This is bottled awesomeness so if you are a fan of duo and multi chrome nail polish I highly recommend you acquire one of these, you can buy it at the NinjaPolish store .

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